Oct 2020

Coriander or Kothmir is a fragrant green leaf used in Indian kitchens. Most of us usually use green coriander leaves to decorate and add fragrance to food. But perhaps you will be aware that coriander has many medicinal properties which are very beneficial for skin as well as our health.
Botanical Name: Corriandrum Sativum
English: Corriander, cilanto, Chinese parsley
Sanskrit: Dhaniyaka
Hindi: Coriander
Medicinal Properties of Green Coriander
The beautiful leaves of the picture are a powerful natural cleansing element. It is effectively used to clean heavy metals and toxic substances from the body. Coriander is used to treat allergies, bladder irritation (irritation when passing the bladder) and skin-related allergic inflammation. This improves vitality and reduces pain. Rich in iron and vitamin A, B and C, it increases nutritional value when used in food. Digestion of food increases and hunger can be reduced.
*Diarrhea and allergy: Soak 1 teaspoon coriander in water overnight. Boil, sieve and drink.
*Excess bleeding in menstruation: Take a dense decoction of coriander seeds with milk.
*Eye drops: Wash eyes regularly with the juice of coriander leaves. Coriander seed decoction relaxes red and dry eyes.
*Acne and black warts: Put a pinch of turmeric in the juice of soft coriander leaves and apply on the face and wash off after drying.
*Halitosis (bad breath): Take coriander seeds powder at fixed intervals.
*Skin blisters: Drink a decoction of seeds. Boil 1 spoon of coriander seeds in water and apply its paste on the affected area.
*Dryness of the mouth, abdominal pain, piles: Drink a decoction of coriander seeds.
* Apart from this, it also prevents skin diseases like eczema and fungal infections.
Benefits of coriander for Hair
Coriander really has a wealth of properties. Green coriander is the best medicine for hair care along with skin and health. Coriander juice proves to be very helpful in hair loss or if the hair is to be soft and naturally straightened. Because it contains many essential vitamins and proteins that help in increasing hair growth. Apply green coriander juice to the hair roots and wash the head after 30 minutes. The problem of hair loss will be resolved soon. At the same time, if your hair is curly and you want to straighten it, leave the paste of coriander on the hair for 2 hours and then do a simple hairwash.
Health benefits of coriander leaves
Coriander leaves are used in almost every household. The benefits of eating dried coriander are also very beneficial. But even after this, you might not know that it is an Ayurvedic medicine, which is cheaper than the medicine available in the market and is free from all the disadvantages.
Green coriander leaves are especially beneficial for the digestive system. They help to keep the liver active. Green coriander prevents stomach problems and increases digestion power. There is nothing more than green coriander for every stomach problem like abdominal pain, bloating, gas, indigestion. This is the reason why green coriander is being used for garnishing in Indian cuisine not from today but from a very old time. Drinking fresh leaves of coriander mixed with buttermilk provides relief in indigestion, nausea, dysentery and colitis.
Beneficial in Thyroid
Hypothyroidism, ie thyroid, is a problem that affects many people all over the world. This disease is seen in women more than men. To control this, use coriander leaves daily in your food. It balances unbalanced hormones. That is why eat green coriander leaves daily.
Coriander leaves in diabetes
Green coriander is very beneficial for diabetes patients. It works to control the level of blood sugar. It reduces blood sugar levels rapidly for metabolicism in the body.
Remedy - Soak coriander leaves in water overnight and filter in the morning and drink water. If you want, you can also use coriander seeds in your food. It also benefits a lot.
Beneficial in Arthritis
Often, people start complaining of arthritis and joint pain. Coriander leaves have anti-inflammatory properties, due to which the effect of diseases like arthritis, ie arthritis, is lessened. Make a paste by grinding coriander leaves or mix coriander seed oil in olive oil and massage it on your joints 2 times a day, you will get relief.
For Menstruation
Women who have severe pain during menstruation and excessive bleeding also should take coriander. It controls bleeding as well as improves energy levels in the body. If the menstrual bleeding is more than normal, add half a liter of green coriander leaves and a little sugar and boil it and drink this water when it cools down a bit. In addition, coriander removes all menstrual problems in women.
Beneficial for Kidney
Green coriander is very beneficial food for kidney. A research has revealed that people who use coriander on a regular basis have little problem of kidney failure. That is why doctors always recommend eating coriander to keep the kidney healthy.